If I asked you; who is God to you? What would you answer be? I would imagine that the answers would vary greatly, depending on what we have been taught or what we have experienced God to be in our lives. 

Some would say: He is my Saviour, My provider, some would know Him as healer and deliverer, the list could go on and on, with no right of wrong answer, just an answer based on our background and experience. 

As we look at the scriptures, we find that the Bible uses many different allegories to describe our relationship with God, e.g., He is the shepherd and we are his sheep, He is the potter and we are the clay, He is the groom and we are the bride etc. all these illustrations are valuable in helping us understand our relationship with God. However; as valuable as they are, I have found the most accurate and empowering truth about who God is to us, is the truth that Jesus taught. 

So how did Jesus teach us to relate to God?

The answer is astoundingly simple; Jesus taught us to relate to God in the same way that He did. And we all know that He related to God as Father. 

In Luke 11:1-2; We see that after Jesus had prayed, His disciples asked Him to teach them how to pray. I believe they had this request of Him because they most probably saw Him pray in a way they had never seen anyone else pray before. And what followed was what we call “The Lord’s Prayer”or “The Our Father”. 

In this lesson on prayer, the first thing that Jesus teaches us, is that we are to relate to God as Father. The implication then is that Jesus is teaching us to relate to God as Father, in the same way that He did.  (Later on Paul teaches in Romans 8:29 that Jesus is the firstborn among many brothers.) 

Once we have established in our hearts that God is our Father, the next question becomes: what kind of Father is He? Is He present or absent, is He emotionally distant? Is he affectionate or mainly a cold disciplinarian. –

Brothers and sisters, our thoughts about the nature of God are the most important thoughts we will ever have, because they will shape every part of our lives either for the better or for the worse. 

So what kind of Father is God?

Friends, To answer this question, we only need one word; LOVE! 🙂 (See 1John 4:8) 

God is a loving Father!  And that is the best way to relate to Him! 

Dear friends, the most important thing any person needs to know; Is knowing Jesus as their Lord and Saviour! Thereafter, they need to know God as their Loving Father! 

This is my prayer for you! 

Much love to you all! 

Marlon R Oliver

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