We live and function in a supernatural kingdom. Therefore, we can expect the God of miracles to surprise us with things that supersede the natural laws of nature.

Day in and day out we see this reality in the earthly Life of Jesus. We see Him heal the sick, raise the dead, walk on water, multiply food, turn water to wine etc. He went about doing all of this as the most natural thing to do, to the point where He rebuked His disciples for not believing. Then to top it all off; He tells us in John 14:12 that those who believe in Him will not only do the same; but that they would have the potential to do greater works than the ones He did. 

So if Jesus said that about us, and we are not seeing it in our lives, then it stands to reason that the problem cannot be on His side of the equation. In other words, the lack of supernatural power in the earth is not because God is unwilling to move, or because the days of signs and wonders are over. The truth is that The greatest obstacles to the supernatural lie with us. 


There are three portions of scripture that I would like you to read as a background to what I’m about to write, as they are different accounts of the same story. And each one reveals one aspect to of the triple threat. However, as much as they are three different aspects, I believe they are inextricably linked. 

Please read ; (Matthew 13:53-58) (Mark 6:1-5) and ( Luke 4:14-30) 

The above verses give us the shocking account of Jesus not being able to do any mighty works in His hometown due to their perception and reception of Him. ( see this blog for further insight to this point JESUS IN NAZERETH : A BRIEF COMMENTARY ON MARK 6:1-6 )

So what was the reason that the flow of the supernatural was halted in Nazareth?

1- Familiarity 

The people of Nazareth could not believe that God would deliver their miracle through somebody that they were familiar with. The stumbled over the fact that they knew Jesus’ family well.

Dear friends, just because you grew up with certain people and know them well, does not mean that they are not annointed by God to be used as a vessel in your life.

“Don’t stop the flow of the anointing because you familiar with a person’s backround. 

2- Unbelief 

Lack of faith is a subtle one to deal with, because most people have no doubt in God’s ability to do supernatural things. They do however, doubt His willingness to do it for them, or through a person they are familiar with (point one). 

In other words, we doubt that God will heal us through our local pastor, but believe He will do it through a famous preacher from far away. Yet when our pastor travels, he sees great miracles.

Dear friend, don’t doubt the anointing on the lives of people around you because you see their weaknesses. 

3- Dishonour 

In order for the supernatural to flow, there needs to be a certain level on honour in the relationship. To honour means to have respect and great esteem for a person. This means that I celebrate who an individual is in Christ without stumbling over who they are not. 

To dishonour someone would be to treat them as common, without regard or recognition for the grace and anointing on their lives. In other words we only see their humanity without seeing their divine nature and ability in Jesus. 


The supernatural power of God flows through people! Our ability to receive the supernatural flow is dependent on us honoring each other without doubting that God can use someone who we are familiar with.

Much Love to you all! 

Marlon R Oliver