Having recently returned from a ministry trip to the nation of Nepal; I’ve been reflecting on what has been a life-altering and paradigm-shifting exeperience. And having so much to share about what took place during our visit, I have decided to rather share a testimony of what God has already been up to in the nation. 

As some of you may know; Nepal was closed off to the gospel of Jesus Christ and only re-opened its doors in the 1950’s. So there are multitudes of people living there that have never heard the gospel, let alone the name of Jesus. Amlal was one of them, and this is his story.

Marlon (left); Amlal (right)

Meet Amlal!

Amlal and his family live high up in the mountains that border China and Nepal, and up until a few months ago, had never heard of The Lord Jesus Christ. 

He lives in a village consisting of around 400 families that are predominantly farmers, practice polytheism, and have witch doctors as spiritual leaders whom they turn to in times of crisis. 

Earlier this year; Amlal’s father became gravely ill and was in desperate need of medical assistance which could not be found in their village. The family knew that something had to be done, and so Amlal set out on a 3 day journey through the moutains, hills and valleys carrying his father most of the way to the nearest hospital he could find. 

On arrival at the hospital, the prognosis was not good. The doctors advised them that in order for the father to survive; the cancer would need to be surgically removed, but at a cost of in US dollars that was out of reach for the family. 

Nevertheless, Amlal set out in hope; knocking on the doors of businesses and homes in the area, seeking out donations to cover the costs of the operation. 

In what can only be described as divine providence, Amlal arrived at the shop of Peter, a local Christian of Nepal. On hearing Amlal’s predicament, Peter invited him to sit down and discuss the situation. After hearing the details of story, Peter was moved and said to him: ” Amlal, it is unlikely that you will be able to raise this amount of money, and if you could, by the time you did raise it, your dad would most likely have passed on. So here’s my suggestion, let us pray to Jesus Christ and ask Him to heal your dad“. Amlal replied : “Who is this Jesus?” To which Peter responded: “Come and spend the night at my place, and I will tell you all about Him”. 

Peter and Amlal spent much of the night discussing the gospel of Jesus Christ and by the morning Amlal was a believer, and together they prayed for Jesus to heal his dad. Following his conversion, Amlal headed to the hospital to fetch his dad with the intention of taking him back home not knowing what to expect. Carrying his dad along the way, he began to see a change in his Father as time passed, and by the time they arrived back at the village he was totally healed and back to work the next day Glory to God!!! 

The family and villagers were in total shock, as they were not expecting to see him recover, but rather had expectations of burying their relative soon. Seeing that this was indeed a miracle, they asked Amlal: How did this happen? – So he told them of Jesus The Christ, and that it was Jesus who healed his Father. All of Amlal’s family believed in The Lord Jesus and the village is eagerly awaiting to hear more about this Jesus who heals! 

During our discussion with Amlal, we asked him if he had seen any other changes in his life since he accepted Jesus as Lord. To our joy, he explained of how his crops are growing better, his livestock are not getting sick as often as before, there is an increase of joy and peace in his family, and they do not have to consult the witch doctor for help as they did before, on almost a weekly basis. 

Hearing this testimony blessed me beyond words, as I heard first hand of the work of the Holy Spirit in a territory that had never heard the gospel of Jesus Christ. Seeing that the work that had begun in the book of Acts with the first Apostles is still continuing today! Proving and confirming that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forevermore. 

(NB – At the time of writing, it is expected that Peter is with Amlal sharing the gospel in the village. I cannot wait to hear and share the testimonies with you when I receive them.) 

Much love to you all!