Back in the late 90’s, I knew of a group of people who could find a demon under every rock and did strange things in the name of ‘spiritual warfare’. Everything was a spiritual attack to them. Fast forward 20 years and today we have believers who believe that the devil is inconsequential to our lives. Both views are extreme, reminding us of the need to rightly divide the word of truth. 

In his first letter to the Thessalonians, Paul states that he so desired to see them again and again but Satan had hindered him. Again in 2 Corithians 2:11, Paul says that he did not want Satan to take advantage of us, and that we should not be ignorant of his devices. In these passages we see that even though the enemy was defeated by Jesus at the cross, (Colossians 2:15) he has not inactive in the world today.

So without glorifying the devil or giving him too much credit, I want to make you aware of 5 signs that what you going through is more than random chance or consequences of your actions. Although there may be more signs of a spiritual attack. These points were extracted from the Book of Job chapter one.


1- The Attack comes suddenly and without warning.

In the case of Job, we see that it was just an ordinary day at the office when the first attack came. In most cases, we see problems gradually arising and building up to a climax, however, in the case of spiritual attacks they usually happen suddenly.

2- The attack is unprovoked

The servants of Job reported that the Sabeans came and raided them and took the animals away for no particular reason. Had the animals been grazing in Sabean territory there would be reason for the attack, but it appears this raid was totally unexpected. Spiritual attacks are often unprovoked and not a consequence of something you did.

3- The attack is inexplicable

The next part of Job’s trouble is recorded verse 16 where sheep and servant are consumed by fire. The servant could not explain or understand how the fire consumed the animals and people. So in his limited mind he concluded that the “The fire of God fell from heaven”. We know that God was not attacking Job, so the fire was not from heaven. The point was that there was no reasonable explanation for why the fire occurred. 

In my experience with praying for the sick; it is often spiritual when doctors cannot give a medical explanation for the patients condition. 

4- The attack is a strange accident.

In verse 18-19 we hear the story of the siblings eating and drinking at home when suddenly a wind came and struck the house causing it to fall and crush them to death. Again, not all accidents are the devil, people can be clumsy and natural disaster do happen. But in cases where its strange that nobody else was effected except you, it could be a spiritual attack.

5- Everything goes wrong at once.

This is a classic sign of an enemy attack. In my personal life I have seen this countless times over the years. Everything will be going along fine when suddenly I am hit from all angles. Life will always throw us curve balls and challenges no matter where we are. However, if everything is going wrong at the same time, be on guard, it may be a spiritual attack.

How should we respond when under a spiritual attack? 

1- Know your authority as a believer. 

2- Ask God what can you learn from the trial.

3- Don’t look for comfort in sin.

4- Do not accuse God of wrong doing. (He will turn it around for your good)

5- Worship as an act of faith.


Much Love All!