On Friday 24 March we will be heading out East to the nation of Nepal for a week of ministry, that will see us touching 3 different cities; Kathmandu, Dhangagi and Damak. 
I kindly ask that you pray for our team of volunteers as we embark on this adventure in God. 
What Can you do? 
1- Pray for the safety of the team.
2- Pray for the spiritual growth of the Kathmandu Capital Church, for the leadership to grow in grace and wisdom. As well as for strength and ability to overcome diverse challenges.
3- Christians suffer much persecution in Nepal, pray for them to remain strong in faith and for a change in the hearts of the nation toward the church. 
4- Pray for the Damak Fellowship to be a beacon of light in their city and region.
5- Pray for the Dhangagi Community Church. They work amoung the Thuru Tribe (Who were until recently held under slavery). Pray that God will continue to reveal Himself to these beautiful people. 
Finally; pray for salvations to occur, miraculous healings to take place and for God to use us as effective vessels in order to speak into every heart we encounter. 
Much Love to you all!
Marlon R Oliver