From the time we take our first breath, up until the day we close our eyes, we are constantly being compared to others. At first it is fun and harmless as loved ones compare our physical features to those of our parents and grandparents. We fill their hearts with joy as they see a reflection of themselves in us. Our arrival on the earth was a day filled with excitement!

However, as the months go by and the time comes for us to show signs of development, is when the ugly side of comparison begins to rear its head.  Our parents take us to the doctor who measures our development against the milestones we should have reached. Suddenly, there are expectations of us. These check ups are for our good. They are meant to assess our development to make sure that any growth barriers are identified as early as possible. 

However, after leaving the safety of the doctors rooms and being taken out into the real world, we begin to face the harsh reality of comparison. Parents now take the positive tool of bench-marking for the purpose of development to the negative side, and begin comparing their children to others. And so begins the curse of comparison that will plague many people for years to come.  


If you to take some time to research the concept of blessings and curses in scripture. You will find that the spiritual reality is that we are blessed because of Jesus! Yet, in our day to day reality we still have the choice to either walk in the blessing through obedience, or experience the effects of the curse through disobedience.

A summarized definition of what it means to be be blessed; is to live under the influence of a positive word. In contrast, to live under the curse; is to live under the influence of a negative word. 

What influence are you living under? Are you allowing the power of God’s word to influence you, or are you allowing the philosophies and patterns of this world to shape your thinking and living. 


‘The quickest way to ruin something special is to compare it to something else” Craig Groeschel

Jesus said that He came to give us a full, abundant life, but the thief came to steal, kill and destroy. One of the most subtle and common ways the enemy does this, is by getting us under the influence of comparing ourselves to others. If He can get us under the curse of comparison, he is able to steal ‘essence’ from us. 

  1. Comparing yourself with others will cause you to either feel superior or inferior to others. Neither of these attitudes are pleasing to God. 
  2. Comparing yourself to someone else causes you to envy their gifts, calling and position in life and therefore you start to devalue what God is doing in your own life.
  3. Comparing yourself to others distracts you from making the most of all the resources that God has blessed you with
  4. Scripture teaches that it is foolish to compare ourselves to others.  (2 Corinthians 10:12) Acting in folly leads to more folly. 


In order to conquer  the curse of comparison, we need to ask the help of The Holy Spirit in doing the following five things.

1. We need to recognize and assess its current influence in our lives.

2. We need to renounce it by marking it off as an immature and foolish practice.

3. We need to recognize and celebrate our uniqueness, in doing so, we honour Our Creator. 

4. We need to acknowledge that we are made in the image and likeness of God. And that we are predestined to be like Jesus. (GENESIS 1:27, ROMANS 8:29)

5. Having accepted number 4, we are to fix our eyes on Jesus, running our own race and allow Him to work in us to be all that He intended for us to be. (Hebrews 12:1-3)

All the while celebrating who God has made you to be and all the while celebrating whom He has made others to be! 


Much Love to All!

Marlon R Oliver