The answer to this question will reveal whether or not we have a relationship with God or just a religion. Religion is based on rituals, traditions and lifeless repetitions. Whereas a relationship with God is personal, intimate and built on communication. In Christ Jesus, God went out of His way reconcile us to Himself and restore us to a conversational relationship. 

It is absolutely imperative for us to know that we have a Saviour in Jesus. One who has saved us from sin, death and destruction. However, it is equally important for us to know that; He not only saved us from our sin, but He also saved us into a relationship with God. In honour of His sacrifice, we owe it to Him to enjoy the full benefits of the new life He has given us. 


In a previous blog on HOW TO HEAR FROM GOD. I shared a few healthy practices needed in order to develop our ability to hear from God. An important point to remember is that instead of asking the question ‘Is God speaking?‘, we need to ask ourselves ‘Are we listening?’.  

Having established that being in a relationship with God implies having dialogue. The next question that comes to mind is, Can we handle what God has to say?‘. In other words, do we have the capacity to understand what He would like to communicate, or is our lack of understanding hindering the relationship.

Johns 16:12-“There is so much more I want tell you, but you can’t  bear it now” (New Living Translation). 

In the midst of some of the most profound teachings between John 14 and 17, Jesus said that He had so much more to say to the disciples but they could not handle it. If I was one of the twelve, I would have begged for Him to continue. Being so intrigued by His words, I would probably have lost sleep trying to figure out what were the things that I could not bear. 

In a similar passage of scripture, the Apostle Paul in Hebrews 5:11 said that he had so much more to say to them but the problem was that they were slow to learn. He had to give them the milk of the Word and not solid food. Once again the issue of our capacity to handle what God has to say is called into question.

If our understanding is such an important factor in our relationship with God, then increasing our capacity becomes a serious priority. 


Here are a few pointers for increasing your capacity to handle what God has to say.

1- Be humble, teachable and intentional.

Relationships do not grow and develop without intentionality. Neither can one’s relationship with God grow if they have a sense of knowing it all and a feeling of having arrived.

2- Involve God in every area of your life.

Speak to Him throughout the day, not just during prayer times. Talk about the stuff you dealing with and ask His opinion on issues. He is interested in everything that concerns you not only the spiritual aspects.

3- Filter everything you experience through your knowledge of scripture and the nature of God. 

There is so much philosophy in the world today, so many lies posing as truth. If one is not grounded in the Word, it is easy to be misled. All learning must be checked against the authority of scripture.

4- If you feel you are not hearing from God, go back to previous messages that you received from Him and make sure that you are living in it.

5- Do something you’ve never done before.

In the parables, Jesus would often use natural things to explain spiritual truths. In a new life experience God may open up new understanding of His nature, give you fresh insights and new perspectives on life. – Go out and explore.

6- Stop and smell the roses, Enjoy Creation!

7- Don’t just make a living, LIVE! 


Much Love to All!