Don’t you just Love the Bible! Is there any surprise that it is the best selling book of all time? Its pages are filled with joy and pain, victory and defeat, ups and downs and every possible emotion you could feel whilst on this planet.

The stories of the men and women that God used strengthen and encourage our  hearts as we see their shortcoming and yet still witness the faithfulness of God though it all. 

Yet as fascinating as the lives of Moses, Abraham, Elijah, Paul and the whole host of biblical characters are, they all pale in comparison to the ONE. None can compare to the absolute perfection of the life of ‘The Master’. Jesus Christ is absolute beauty and perfection; the one we look to and seek to emulate.

Today we are going to look at a portion of scripture in which Jesus demonstrates to us what I call “A Ridiculous Faith”. – Turn with me to Mark 5 and let us look particularly at the story of Jairus’ Daughter, as we extract a few highlights of what it looks like to have a ridiculous faith. 

1- A Ridiculous faith Believes in spite of deteriorating circumstances.

In verse 35 Jairus comes to Jesus with a problem and asks Him to heal his sick daughter. As the story continues we see that the problem of a sick child becomes a seemingly impossible situation of a dead girl and the servants of Jairus come to them and say “why bother the Master”. 

Have you ever been in a negative situation that instead of getting better got worse and now looks impossible? And have you had thoughts like “why bother with it anymore?” That is when you need to have a ridiculous faith and ignore the impossibility of the situation. 

2- A Ridiculous faith is unafraid. 

Dont be afraid, just believe” Jesus (Mark 5:36) 

Diffuculties have a way of gripping our hearts with fear. It is one of the greatest weapons the enemy uses against us. But Thank God that He put 365 references to ‘fear not’ in His Book, that’s one scripture for each day of the year. 

Galations 5:6 says that faith works by love, and 1 John 4:18 says that perfect  love casts our fear. Therefore love makes faith work simultaneously to casting out fear. 

So never fear! Believe because you are loved. 

 3- A Ridiculous faith is selective of its inner circle. 

In verse 37 we see that Jesus did not let anyone follow Him expect Peter, James and John. In other words, Jesus gaurded his inner circle and did not allow just anybody to be close enough to influence Him. 

Our inner circle influence us the most, therefore, if we are to be a people of ridiculous faith, it is necessary to associate with others who desire the same. 

 4- A ridiculous faith has a different perspective on reality. 

In other words, a ridiculous faith sees from a heavenly perspective. When Jesus looked at the girl, He saw her as asleep, whilst in the natural she was actually dead. 

One of the prayers I pray daily for myself and others is: “Lord, let us see life and every situation we face from your perpective”. This is more than the power of positive thinking, but literally the meaning of repentance and the hallmark of a renewed mind.

 5- A Ridiculous faith is immune to ridicule. 

In verse 40 we see the reason for the name of this article. It says that they laughed and ridiculed Jesus for his faith.

My question to you then is. “Are you willing to be laughed at for your faith???

6- A Ridiculous faith puts out negativity. 

In verse 40 we also see that Jesus was not afraid to put negative people out of his vicinity. Now to some, this may have seemed rude and impolite, but a ridiculous faith gives no place to negativity. 

7- A Ridiculous faith speaks into impossible situations and has what it says. 

In verse 42 Jesus gives us a practical demonstration of what He taught in Mark 11:22-24 when he said that “whosoever will say to this mountain be removed and cast into the sea and shall not doubt in his heart, but believes what he says, it will come to pass that he will have whatsoever he says.” 

Ultimately, the faith of Jesus seemed ridiculous to the onlooker, but He knew better, and eventually saw the results of His ‘ridiculous faith’


Walking in faith may seem ridiculous to the doubter. But regardless of their ridicule, let us walk in a ridiculous faith. 

Much Love to you all!

Marlon R Oliver