Growing up as kids we loved to look at the speedometers on cars. It fascinated us to see the numbers on the dashboard; 160, 180, 200 kilometers per hour! So you can imagine how blown away we were when our uncle bought a brand new BMW with over two hundred on the clock. Our minds raced at the wonder of what it would be like to travel at top speed. We actually believed that it was possible to drive this car at its full potential. 

Little did we realize that the numbers on the dashboard were only an indicator of the car’s potential. The actual performance of the car would depend on the ability of the driver. Only if the driver was willing to take it there, would that car reach its full potential. 

In the same way, our lives are full of potential. Yet our full potential will only be reached if we are willing and able to take it there.

So to those of you who have a burning desire to be all that God created you to be, and will never be content to stare at the numbers on the dashboard, let us begin our journey on the road to full potential.

As with any journey, we have to be properly prepared. So let us look at 5 things that we need to get us moving in the right direction. 


Imagine jumping into your car, putting your foot down and driving in whichever direction the car was facing. Imagine driving with no idea as to where or why you were on the road. The journey will probably come to an abrupt end in the middle of nowhere when the car eventually ran out of fuel. You would most likely be lost, discouraged and searching for signs to get you back on track. 

People who live without a sense of purpose are in that very position. They are exhausted by life, feeling lost and discouraged and searching for meaning to their lives. Sadly, some will die searching, whilst others will find it in all the wrong places. 

Everybody has a purpose in life! Your purpose is the reason that God created you and placed you on the earth at this particular time. It is your God-given purpose that gives meaning and direction to your life.

Living with a sense of purpose is essential in order to reach your full potential. Purpose gives focus to your potential! In the same way that focusing light through a magnifying glass can spark a fire, so to does focusing our energy through the lens of purpose spark fire to our potential.


Passion is described as a strong and barley controllable emotion. It the driving desire that wakes you up early in the morning and keeps you up late at night. It is passion that will cause you to pursue your dreams in the face of extreme opposition. Even in the event of a failure, you will refuse to relent. Passion is the fuel that keeps the fires of potential burning.

It is not possible to reach the destination of ‘full potential’ without passion. Everybody who has a heart and a mind has a passion. The question is what are you passionate about? Misplaced passion can be dangerous and even lead to death. We often see the chaos caused by misplaced passion when people go out and share their passion with someone other than their spouse.

Passion causes us to pursue! Therefore it leads and directs us. It is due to this magnetic power of passion, that our passion should be for God alone. 


Just like a car without a battery cannot be started, so to is our potential stunted without the necessary power to get us moving. One may have all the zeal and passion in the world to run, but without having the legs to run, they will remain immobile. Potential needs power. 

The Bible is full of God’s promises of power toward us. Jesus promised his disciples that they would receive power after the Holy Spirit came upon them. Jesus also said that he gave us power of all the power of the enemy. The Apostle Paul prayed fervently for the Church to know the power of God that is directed toward us who believe. 

God is our source of power!

What will you do with the power He gives you? Will you let it lie dormant in you, or will you use it will all your might to reach your full potential. 


Growing in our potential is a process. A process implies that it will not happen over night. There will need to be patience on our part day by day as our potential develops. There are no shortcuts on this road. Each day we need to make the most of every opportunity to walk in our purpose. 

The problem is that many people view patience and passivity as the same thing. Our modern understanding of patience means to wait in and inactive position. However, a more accurate understanding of patience is being active and engaged over the long period even though the result is not reached immediately.  Thus we need patient persistence. 

Journeying toward your full potential means being progressive. Making progress will always attract resistance. The enemy will not allow you progress without any opposition, but little does he know that the obstacles he uses to stop you, become the resistance training you need to build strong muscle.   

In spite out what comes your way,  patiently persist in pushing forward! 

Persistence wears out resistance!

Much love to all!                                                                                                                                                                           Marlon